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Our PSLE Tuition Programme builds up students’ foundations and gives them a head start on their learning journeys, so that they’re well-prepared for the final hurdle of the academic race.

PSLE Tuition in Singapore

PSLE is a national exam that every primary six student has to take after their six years education in the primary school. It can be very challenging for most students and your child may need the help and guidance to excel in their PSLE subjects. So, what can you expect from Matt’s Education PSLE tuition? At Matt’s Education, we provide the essential preparation and strategic skills for your child’s first hurdle of the academic race. Our PSLE Tuition Programme gears primary school students to achieve their personal best and to strive for academic excellence.
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English Language

When learning a language, having a strong understanding of the fundamentals is crucial to achieving proficiency in it. Our lessons equip students with the necessary tools, including grammar, vocabulary and oral conversation practices. This runs in tandem to our regular work on writing and various paper 2 components. From a young age, students are exposed to selected news items that keep them up to date on the happenings around the world.

Key Features:
• Strong grammar and vocabulary foundation
• Exam techniques to excel in paper components
• General knowledge


Our mathematics lessons help students build a strong foundation through explaining abstract concepts in easily understood and relatable terms. With topics being taught from scratch, we provide our students with the building blocks to navigate the subject confidently.

Key Features:
• Problem solving
• Improved mental calculation
• Exam techniques to tackle Paper 1 and 2 components

primary school math
PSLE tuition for primary school students in Clementi


The Science curriculum piques students’ interest in the world around them by explaining the scientific reasoning behind real-world phenomena. In addition to customised notes and worksheets that help to tie concepts together, students are trained to identify keywords and develop relevant answers that will score them marks in examinations.

Key Features:
• Making sense of key concepts and
• Capturing keywords
• Answering techniques

Located in the heartland of Jurong and Clementi, you can find our tuition outlets here

Key Features


Our English, Mathematics and Science classes are perfect complements to the MOE primary and secondary syllabus. A team of curriculum specialists reviews our content and keeps it up to date.


Every topic is taught from scratch to correct misconceptions students may have. This ensures a strong understanding of the fundamentals before students proceed to tackle higher order questions.


In addition to lively small-group lessons, our customised notes and materials give our students an edge. Low student-teacher ratios ensure that each child receives the attention they deserve.

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