Our students and their parents share snippets of their experiences at Matt’s Education.

Over the years, we’re proud and grateful to have joined many cohorts of students on their learning journeys. While the syllabus is undeniably important, we go the extra mile to connect with our students and guide them not just academically, but also as people. The support and positive feedback we’ve received have motivated us to forge ahead on our path.

Below are some of the heartening messages that students and parents have shared.

Marian is a passionate, patient and caring teacher. My kids enjoy her teaching. She is able to engage the kids through various activities when teaching. Also, she is able to work on my kids’ weaknesses and strengths. Thank you so much.


- Diana Chua, Parent of two children from Juying Primary and Fuhua Secondary

Achievement: Double Distinctions in A and E Maths at 2019 'O' Levels

“During my time as a student at Matt’s Education, I learnt a lot from the teachers there and also enjoyed my time in tuition. Mr and Mrs Lim have always managed to make lessons fun and engaging so that we as students won’t feel like tuition is a chore that our parents forced us to do. They were also very encouraging and supportive of us students as they always believed in us, even if someone of us didn’t believe in ourselves. Overall my time there was well spent as I have learned a lot, and my grades improved a lot whilst learning from Mr and Mrs Lim. I had a very good experience there!”

Jasper, Nan Hua High School

“Over the past 6~ years of being in Matt’s Education, I improved a lot, especially in English and Math. Before joining, I barely passed both subjects, but after a few classes, I found myself improving and understanding more than before. I enjoyed all my classes every week, as they were always filled with positivity and laughter. Despite the busy schedules the tutors have, they always found time for consultations if I needed clarifications.”

Jingyi, 2020 ‘O’ Levels Batch

“Teacher Matt taught my twins Mathematics from P2 to Sec 4. He was very patient and made sure they understood the concepts and did their work well. His class was never boring to the students 😄 Both of them achieved A* for their Maths in their PSLE !! Moving forward to secondary school, they took A-Maths. They did pretty well for their O Levels and they are now in Poly. I will definitely highly recommend Matt’s Education tuition centre to all students. You will definitely achieve amazing results!! 👍💪”

Michelle Teo, Parent of twin girls who were with Matt’s Education for 8 years

“Matt is a very dedicated tutor. Both of my kids have gone under his guidance. They started with mediocre results but emerged with distinctions. Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for what he has done for my children. The personal touch and constant encouragement he has given them is really awesome. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a holistic education. Thank you Matthew for your professionalism and dedication.”

Pamela Chua, Mother of two children from Westwood and St Patrick’s

“Matt’s Education is definitely recommended if you’re looking for a good tutor to help your children cope with the local school syllabus and follow the school lessons more easily. Our two children at secondary level learnt English and Mathematics for three years under Mr. Matthew Lim. Most importantly, he was able to get my children, who had just come from Korea, to participate in his lessons and develop a good relationship with them. Thank you.”

Mr. DK Nam, Father of two children from New Town Secondary School and Pioneer Secondary School

“教学风格生动活泼,亲和力强,激发学生兴趣。 语言幽默风趣,贴近生活,使学习变成了一个享受的过程。 启发性的教学,注重和学生交流,使孩子的英文水平在不知不觉中提高.”

Madam Mao, Parent of student from Nan Hua High

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