Our students and their parents share snippets of their experiences at Matt’s Education.

Over the years, we’re proud and grateful to have joined many cohorts of students on their learning journeys. While the syllabus is undeniably important, we go the extra mile to connect with our students and guide them not just academically, but also as people. The support and positive feedback we’ve received have motivated us to forge ahead on our path.

Below are some of the heartening messages that students and parents have shared.


Achievement: Distinction in English, E & A Math in 2022 ‘O’ Levels

If I could only use one word to describe my experience at Matt’s Education, it would be growth. Throughout my two years here, I found myself growing as an individual as I slowly gained confidence in subjects I never would have imagined myself to do well for.

Opportunities to learn outside the classrooms were available for students, reinforcing us to not refine our learning to only take place in the classrooms. There was never a dull moment in class!

- Abbie Tan, Fuhua Secondary School, 2022 'O' Levels Batch

During my time in Matt’s education, the teachers put in extra effort to give students an engaging and unique learning experience. Furthermore, the teachers lift students’ spirits by cracking jokes and making lessons light-hearted. Additionally, the teachers are always on hand to help us when are going through a rough patch and celebrate our successes together (with snacks and bubble tea of course). My time in Matt’s education for the past few years has definitely nurtured me to strive for the best and transformed me into a better person.

Ignatious Lim, Fuhua Secondary School, 2022 ‘O’ Level Batch

As a concerned parent seeking the best educational support for my child, I can confidently say that Matt’s Education has exceeded all my expectations as we could feel their genuine enthusiasm for education.
The quality of the teaching staff is simply outstanding and my child has learned a lot throughout her journey at Matt’s Education. Big thanks to all the staff and teachers there!

Mr Shaun Fong, Father of Sonia Fong from 2023 PSLE Batch

A tuition centre with a conducive learning environment, Matt’s Education has helped me stretch my learning goals and provided me with substantial support from the teachers. With their help, I have come to understand both A Math and E Math on a higher level, improving my fundamental understanding of my weaker topics. Looking forward to more lessons ahead! 🙂

Tan Yi Xuan, Jurong Secondary School, 2023 ‘O’ Level Batch

Achievement: Jump in E Math Grade from F9 to A1

The teachers here are nurturing and kind, and my grades have definitely improved a lot. For example, my math grade in Secondary 1 was an F9 but after joining the math class for about a year, my grade has improved to an A1! 🙂

Gerlyn Ang, Westwood Secondary School, 2023 ‘O’ Level Batch

The teachers at Matt’s Education are friendly tutors who are always there to help us out with any problems, regardless of whether it’s academic-based or not. With their interactive class discussions and worksheets to drive constant practice, I was able to maintain high, consistent grades throughout primary and secondary school. Thank you Matt’s Education for making learning fun for all students!!

Valarie Tan, Jurong Secondary School, 2022 ‘O’ Level Batch

My son has been with Matt’s Education for 2 years since he was in P4.

From the very first interaction, the administration at Matt’s Education gave a very good impression. They are not only polite but also incredibly helpful. Any questions or concerns I had were promptly addressed. Prompt reminders were always sent should there be any change in class timing/additional class/public holidays/school holidays. This is very useful for busy parents like ourselves.

The quality of the study materials provided is not only comprehensive but also well-organized, making it easy for students to study and revise. Mrs Lim and Teacher Dev have been very committed and helpful. Not only did they make the class fun, but they also promptly answered questions that my son had, be it in class or offline.

Overall, our son’s results have improved after he attended the English and Science tuition at Matt’s Education. We are glad that we have chosen Matt’s Education to help our son in his learning journey.

Mrs KS Ng, Mother of Kieran Ng from Pei Hwa Primary School

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